How do we design perfumes on our website and what are the services we provide to our customers? We will review the services and skills that we have so that the customer gets his own product in the easiest and highest quality way. We are keen that your product is a copy very close to what is on your mind.

How to design your own perfume and start your own business :

There are three stages to get your own perfume:

1 – The stage of designing aromatic notes.

2 – The stage of choosing perfume glass and packaging.

3 – The stage of packaging and receiving the product

1 – Choosing the aromatic note.

There are two options for this step:

  • Choose an aromatic scent ready for the impression of one of the famous perfumes.
  • Designing a special aromatic scent according to the customer’s choices, and we offer 3 perfumes with a volume of 50 ml, which are sent to the customer’s address.

2 – Choosing perfume bottles and packaging.

  • We send bottles and packaging forms so that the customer chooses the right ones to be specific to his product.

3 – Packaging and receiving the product.

After all the steps are completed, the product manufacturing process begins. There are several points that must be taken into consideration:

  • The minimum quantity to manufacture the product is 100 pieces of one type.
  • The product implementation period varies according to the quantity and is between 30-45 days after approval.
  • The logo is provided to us by the customer or we do it at an additional cost.